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If you’re looking for cutting-edge 3D modeling services that are going to increase your bottom line and drive more leads, 3D Studio is the right place to land on. Our qualified team of experts will take a project of any scope or size to the next level, delivering impactful 3D models that convert. 


The end-to-end 3D modeling services we provide vary from 3D product modeling and architectural visualization to virtual staging to interior rendering and anything in between. 


We focus on a holistic, customer-centric approach to satisfy our customers’ unique needs and increase the ROI. Our mission is to help you to attract high-end customers with stunning 3D graphics since your success is our success.

World-class 3D Modeling Services We Provide

3D Product Modeling

The era of empowered customers requires eCommerce stores to come up with new ways of delivering unique experiences. High-quality 3D modeling services blur the line between bring-and-mortar and online stores and allow to increase conversion rates. Appealing 3D models we create speak for themselves and skyrocket your sales.

3D Product Animation

Showcasing all the product features with simple imagery in the best possible way is not going to drive the results you’re aiming for. Instead, you can resort to a more effective tool – 3D product animations. They allow you to demonstrate product configurations, list the features and highlight the benefits. Our 3D modeling services help you market your products better.

Industries We Serve

Not sure if we can cater to your industry needs? Check out the variety of areas we cover!


Our 3D modeling services help companies to elevate their product experience and stand out among competitors. We create detailed eCommerce 3D models from apparel to electronics to bring out the best qualities of the product. Our designs ultimately drive attention and sales.


Our elaborate prototypes, interior, and exterior 3D renders can bring life to any project. It makes virtual house tours possible before the first brick is even laid out. Anything from virtual walkthroughs and flyouts to floor plan rendering or staging is available with our all-in-one 3D modeling services.


Stunning 3D graphics are a great asset to any digital marketing strategy. Our 3D modeling services help brands to improve visibility and overcome the competition with one-of-a-kind PR and branded models. Custom 3D renders deliver high-quality results and convey the message better through any media channel.


Our award-winning architectural visualizations allow architects and constructors to get a holistic view and a better understanding of a project. 3D prototypes we deliver are essential for evaluating the efficiency of the design, rectifying the flaws, and fixing possible issues before the production stage.


Custom 3D simulations introduced into the educational process make it easier and simpler for students to grasp new information. The top-notch 3D models create an immersive environment for more effective, interactive, and visually-appealing learning.


Any viral games and apps resort to advanced 3D modeling services to get the most out of their product. Delivering detailed and high-quality 3D characters, backgrounds, and other assets is our top priority. We’ve helped out numerous companies to create immersive environments and real-life experiences for their customers.

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3D Modeling Project Lifecycle

To ensure clear communication, timely delivery, and tangible results we implement the best project management techniques and follow a carefully designed process.

1. Discovery

Since every model starts with an idea, at this stage our experts collect all details about a future 3D design, including the client’s product samples and preferences. We collect and stack data about the features of the model, and target audience to provide an accurate project estimation and clarify the requirements.

2. Analysis and planning

The next stage begins with analyzing all collected data about the future product. Our project managers additionally evaluate the market needs and competitors to make sure your design brings in more value. Here we also allocate the resources to come up with a plan that fits the budget and estimated timeline.

3. Modeling and customization

Once the plan has been laid out, our skilled 3D modelers start bringing your ideas to life. We use 3D modeling resources that best suit your project requirements and regularly error-proof the model. We tweak the shapes and add custom effects to create a one-of-a-kind design that makes a difference.

4. Quality testing

We take pride in the 3D modeling service quality testing we conduct before delivering any 3D model, visualization, or animation to our clients. It is a multistep process that includes various tests to identify the flaws and eliminate any possible errors.

5. Delivery

The final 3D design is delivered to the client through a secure channel. However, it’s still not the final stage. We gather clients’ feedback and adjust the design till the desired output is reached.

6. Maintenance and Support

We strive to build long-term collaborations with our clients. So our customers can always reach out for updates,  troubleshooting, or additional functionality.

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Why Choose Our 3D Modeling Solutions?

Relevant experience

Our diverse team of 3D modelers, designers, and engineers have been delivering high-end 3D modeling services for more than 7 years now. We implement the best 3D modeling techniques and assemble a team of specialized experts to cater to our client’s unique needs.

Money-saving solutions

Our customer-centric approach allows us to provide custom cost-effective 3D solutions and develop custom plans to fit the client’s project budget. Our top priority is to increase your return on investment through appealing 3D designs.

Quick turnout time

Every project is structured into regular timelines to systematically update our client about each stage of the process and deliver timely results. We streamline our 3D modeling services to meet your business agenda.

High-quality results

3D Studio experts create incredibly photorealistic 3D product models that go through a standardized multistep quality check. We make sure to meet our customers’ criteria and follow the requirements imposed at the beginning of every project.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a common misconception that 3D technology is used only for technical purposes. In reality, almost all industries from filming, gaming, and eCommerce to science, architecture, and education benefit from 3D modeling services. If you have doubts, contact us and we’ll discuss how you can improve your business with 3D designs.

The cost of the 3D modeling design depends on a variety of factors, including the geometry, complexity of the model, and timeframe. At the 3D Studio, we offer both hourly and fixed price options for projects of different scales.

The time required to create a 3D model depends on the complexity. The more detailed and complicated your design is, the more time it will require. We discuss the timeframes and requirements during the “Discovery” stage to meet your objectives.

We will need the measurements, dimensions, and any other product details that will help us clarify your requirement. You can send us scratches, drafts, or any other references for a future product. Together we will make it appealing and unique.

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